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1. Hello, how are you?

2. What is 2 + 2?

3. How is in-sigh-clow-PEID-ee-ah REALLY spelled?

4. What is green?
(A)A color
(C)The little light on the monitor
(D)All of these

5. What is the meaning of life?
(A)6 x 8
(D)none of these

6. What is a mouse?
(A)a piece of plastic attached to the computer
(B)a little rodent
(C)something that causes immense enjoyment when brought to a party
(D)Makers Of Universal Spoons, Etc.

7. Do you like ice-cream?
(C)Not sure
(D)It's too personal

8. So, what do you think?
(A)This is a very good quiz
(B)I'm bored stiff
(C)I'm hungry
(D)Don't ask

9. Which is right: The yoke of an egg IS white or the yoke of an egg ARE white?
(C)Are you crazy!?
(D)I don't like eggs!

10. What can you make of a SWORD?
(A)A hunk of painful metal
(B)It's not the sword that kills, it's the person!
(C)Words, of course.
(D)Not much. My mind just went blank.

11. What is in my pocket?
(A)a ball of string?
(B)too much to contemplate
(D)a magic ring?

12. When is a door not a door?
(A)When it is fake
(B)When it is actually a jar
(C)When it has been magically transformed into a horse
(D)Why are you asking me this stupid question?

13. Who do you think you are?
(A)a monkey
(B)a genious
(C)an alien
(D)a human being

14. Define the word 'tea'.
(A)A noxious concoction of oriental leaves containing a high % of toxic acid
(B)a nice drink
(D)a letter of the alphabet

15. When you look up, what do you think about?
(C)I contemplate the reality and spacious fractures in the plaster ceiling
(D)None of the above

16. Why did the Sontaran (alien) cross the road?
(A)to get to the other side.
(B)He was chasing a Rutan.
(C)He saw a telephone booth appear
(D)He thought he was a chicken.

17. Do you think the world is round?
(A)Well, it all depends...
(B)Ask my science teacher, I'm not an astrophysisist!
(C)What, like a pizza? Sure, I'll go for that!
(D)Of course, what do you take me for? A primative?

18. Life, the universe and everything depend on what two factors?
(A)Death and taxes
(B)Good and evil
(C)Killer mutant grapes and my toothbrush
(D)Balanced checkbooks and political stability

19. What is the strongest power you know of?
(A)the force
(C)My thumb
(D)none of these

20. If you came across a really strange program, what would you do first?
(A)Play with it
(B)Run away screaming
(C)Demand to speak with the programmer
(D)Fall asleep

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