The TARDIS Swiming Pool The swiming pool water looked so calm and blue. Companion had never seen the Docotr swim, but it was probably safe, well as safe as anything can be in the TARDIS. Companion had just steped into the water, when a loud "clang" reached her ears. She jumped out at the water, grabed her clean towel and ran towards the console room. "Doctor" she panted as she entered the console room. "What's happning?" "The cloister bell," the Doctor solomly mutteres as it rings again, and as if on cue, the lights go out. "Ahhh!" Companion screams. The lights flicker and she can see the Doctor's hands running over the buttons like a mad scentist. "The TARDIS is breaking up!" The Doctor says, turning to companion and stareing at her swiming outfit. "What are you doing in that crazy getup? This is no time for a swim." She stares at him, and says, "is the pool--?" "The pool! of course!" He intrupted. "Sometimes, companion you can make amazingly shrewed remarks." "The pool?" companion askes. "If we jettoson the pool we can get at least fifty kerajewls of boster energy." He pressed buttons on the consle nodding to himself. "Does if have to be the pool?" companion complains. "Naturally. It is big, blue and very wet. Anyway, you can swim in the hottub until it grows back in a centurry or two. Companion sighed, hopeing he didn't really mean it. The Doctor crossed his fingers behind his back and pushed a large pink button. The TARDIS shook as if it were trying to pull apart, as the pool dissapears from existance. "Did it work?" companion asked as the floor steadyed under her feet. "Naturally, you don't think I liked jettosing the pool do you?" Companion refused to answer that one.
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