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  1. Saying "be quiet K9" in casual conversation
  2. Indignation because the periodic table doesn't include autron and tritanium.
  3. Able to use "Time Vector Generator" in a sentence without excessive thought first.
  4. You own more than one long scarf.
  5. Have figured out the directions of all major planets using the galactic center system
  6. Sudden urge to wear celery sticks.
  7. Catch yourself looking for Daleks in rock quarries.
  8. The Doctor Who theme becomes background music for your dreams
  9. Major quote sources for thesis are The TARDIS Manual and Shakespeare.
  10. Memorized your favorite episode and quote it often.
  11. Find yourself talking to a computer.
  12. Attending a convention wearing current Galifreyan vestments.
  13. Actual serious thoughts about buying a S#300 model of a Dalek.
  14. Understand the TARDIS controls.
  15. Lecturing any science professor on how TARDIS time travel works.
  16. If something is broken, hit it, hard. If that doesn't work you try and reverse the polarity.
  17. "The Doctor Who Monster Book" seems like a fine piece of writing and dramatic stylistics
  18. Paying rapt attention during those rare special effects sequences in slow-time.
  19. Inexplicable rock-climbing urges
  20. More than three original episode outlines buried in your drawers