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Bloopers #6

Time and the Rani:

(ep ?) In one scene, the Rani instructs Urak to get the unconscious Mel from the TARDIS, to which he replies that she has already left its confines. But hang on a minute... the Rani was watching when Sarn was killed in the bubble-trap (after being scared by Mel) so she should have known already that Mel wasn't in the TARDIS any more... What gives?

Paradise Towers:

(ep ?) When one of the old ladies throws a knife at Pex, the string that it travels on is quite visible...

Delta and the Bannermen:

(ep 1) When the Doctor and Ray are in the laundry shed, a head pops up in the background behind one of the shelves. It freezes, obviously realising that it shouldn't be there... then, in the next shot, it vanishes!

(ep 3) When the Doctor, Mel and Burton are escaping from Gavrok, look closely at the shots of the Doctor driving... You can see that he is wearing glasses, as the light reflects off them every now and then. But he wasn't beforehand, and they disappear the instant he gets off. (Sylvester McCoy apparently is quite nearsighted, and obviously would not want to drive a motorcycle without being able to see where he was going. However, he also refused to have a stand-in. Hence the reason why he's wearing glasses...) This also happens when the Doctor and Ray are looking for Delta.


(ep 1) Watch for when Kane lays his coin on the control panel. You can see the plywood grain of the "metal" console.

(ep 1&2) One rather irritating blooper revolves around the cliffhanger to episode 1, with the Doctor dangling over a precipice, clinging only to his umbrella. In several shots, it's established that it's quite a long way down - but eventually Glitz rescues him by going to the bottom of the "precipice" and letting him step down onto his shoulders, implying that the fall was only a few feet after all! So either the Doctor has an extremely pronounced fear of heights, or else the writer goofed up...

(ep ?) Watch out for the Doctor's amazing appearing umbrella... One minute he has it, then it's gone, then, for a brief second on Glitz's ship, he has it again...

(ep ?) In the scene where Ace and Mel meet the Dragon: when Mel screams, look at the momentary expression of pain on Ace's face. According to Sophie Aldred, she had a massive headache that day, and here she was standing inches away from Bonnie Langford in full throat. ;-)

(ep ?) In one scene, Sophie Aldred is running down a pathway and the supposedly crystalline wall alongside her lifts up briefly to show us that it's nothing more than a plain old sheet of plastic... (This isn't the only time it happens, either - watch the rest of the story.)

(ep ?) When Belazs goes to push down a button, the whole console strains under the pressure...

Remembrance of the Daleks:

(ep 1) A camera pops out from a side wall at top right of the screen. (This is in the scene where the Doctor and Ace first meet the Headmaster.)

(ep 1?) There's a scene where you can see Sylvester McCoy's shadow on the wall of the school cellar steps as he waits for his cue...

(ep 2) The TV announcer announcing "Doc..." gives the time as a quarter past five. This comes in episode 2 between breakfast and lunch! And even if it were a quarter past five, it should be pitch dark outside if it's November! (Note: The show being announced is obviously the first ever episode of DW, but it wasn't shown at 5.15 anyway - it was delayed by about 2 minutes due to extra news coverage on the JFK assassination...)

(ep 3) When the Dalek shuttlecraft lands, you can see the wires lowering it down, along with the metal eyelets that attach them to the shuttlecraft at each corner.

(ep 3) When the Dalek's shuttlecraft is landing, the view from outside shows that the window to the laboratory is wide open. However, from the inside, it's closed until the blast rips it from the frame!

(ep 3) Also, why didn't the same thing happen when the shuttlecraft created the marks the Doctor looked at in episode 1?. Or did someone clean it all up and repair the windows without wondering how it happened..?

(ep 3?) When Ace is yelling at Mike for being a stinking dirty scumbag (the second time), she's supposed to be very angry. However, it's plainly clear that she's doing her best not to laugh... Near the end of the scene, she has a grin breaking through, and you can see her actually smirking at the end, as she runs off screen.

(ep 4) When the little girl kills Mike Smith, he falls back against some stairs and if you watch, you can see the stairs slide backwards!

(ep 4) Watch the Black Dalek just before the Doctor arrives and destroys him - As he turns to face the second of the approaching vans, the top of his dome slips sideways as if it's about to fall off!

(ep ?) Present-day cars are driving past in several scenes...

(ep ?) In one scene, the Doctor switches seats with Ace while they are in a van, supposedly during a blackout lasting about a second as they go under a bridge. Well, if you watch closely during the blackout, you can see the Doctor and Ace sitting perfectly still until the lights come on, when they bounce down leaving Ace to be surprised at the seat change. (and the editing!)

(ep ?) See if you can notice where the Black Dalek's lights have been made to flash using an electronic effect added in post-production (since the actual lights failed to work during shooting).

(ep ?) Just before the Doctor tells Ace about the Hand of Omega, watch as Sophie Aldred trips on some of the barbed wire.

The Happiness Patrol:

(ep 1&3) When the Doctor taps the sugar crystal stalagtites, they swing about a bit. Surely they would have broken off or disintegrated?

(ep 2) When Earl Sigma leaves the Doctor and Trevor Sigma, Trevor turns as if hearing something before the harmonica music starts (then he says "Hey, that's nice" just as it begins).

(ep ?) One of the female happy police wotsits rushes out behind, realizes it isn't her cue, and runs back again (when the Doctor is repairing the buggy, look in the background).

Silver Nemesis:

(ep 1) When the Doctor and Ace are running away from the people shooting at them, and they fall off a bridge into a stream, the Doctor drops his umbrella to the right, i.e. downstream, and falls off the bridge to the left, i.e. upstream. Then when we see him again, he is swimming upstream, with the umbrella in his hand. I could be wrong about the flow of the stream, but I don't think so.

(ep 2) The Doctor and Ace use a jazz tape to jam the Cybermen's communications and keep them from calling for reinforcements. Then in episode 3, they run out of tape (because, even with all the other gizmos he built into the tape deck, the Doctor forgot to include auto-reverse!) But once the tape stops, the Cybermen never call for those reinforcements...

(ep ?) As the Cybermen attack for the first time, one of them (just left of centre I think) is clearly having trouble keeping his head in position. In 1638 a mathematician calculates that Nemesis will return exactly 350 years later on 23rd November 1988. Unfortunately, something happened in 1752 which would render his calculations out by nearly two weeks... The Julian calendar was brought in line with the Gregorian one, which meant that the 11 days from the 3rd to the 13th of September that year were simply skipped over. So Nemesis should actually return on 4th December. (11 days later than 23rd November...)

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy:

(ep 1) At the climax of this episode, Bellboy's bottom makes a cameo appearance... Well, part of it anyway - it's when he's been thrown to the floor of the ring by the clowns... You can (just) see that he's let his trousers fall down a little bit too far... (This can be seen again in the episode 2 reprise, if you care...)


(ep 1-4) Keff McCulloch is credited only for "Incidental Music", instead of his usual "Incidental Music/Theme Arrangement".

(ep 1) In the TARDIS scene, look closely at the roundels - you can see the occasional 'crease', as if the wall was just a sheet hung up behind the console... That's because it was! (The TARDIS walls prop had been destroyed because of Andrew Cartmel's insistence that no scenes were to be set inside the TARDIS any more...)

The Curse of Fenric:

(ep 1) When Kathleen's baby Audrey is revealed for the first time, she has a teddy bear, which disappears almost immediately. This is not surprising, since it is actually a Superted, originating circa 1984...

(ep 1-4) The roadside signposts visible throughout should have been removed at that point in history as part of the defence preparations against possible invasion... (Since that's what actually happened - but then again, who said that the programme has to follow actual history?)

(ep 2) As Jean and Phyllis jump into the water to go swimming, they're fully clothed and wearing skirts. As they swim, the tell-tale fog rises around them, and they get turned into Haemovores. When they're done transforming, they come out of the water with big hairdos, long claws - and pants. Hmm, never knew that Haemovores had decency codes for dress...

(ep 3) When Ace is climbing down her rope ladder, a Haemovore grabs her around the waist. She jumps off, and his fingernails get caught on her skirt. And for the longest time, the world gets a view of her underpants, stocking tops and suspender belt. Thereby causing quite a large number of young male fans to wear a hole in their Fenric video at this point through overuse of the pause control. Hmm...

(ep 3) When Ace is being attacked by the Haemovores, she bops one of them on the head, causing its mask to go up and revealing part of the actor's neck...

(ep 3) When Ace is at the top of the ladder her underpants are black. By the time she gets down, they have changed to white.

(ep 3) When the Russian soldiers are running to save Ace from the Haemovores, the shadow of somebody can be seen casually walking in the opposite direction.

(ep 4) At the end, when Ace and the Doctor run out of the exploding bunker, the Doctor stumbles in the mud and puts his hand out to stop himself falling, getting mud all over it, which he even stops to look at in an almost symbolic gesture... Then they go in for the close-ups with him and Ace and when he puts his hand up to rub her nose (same hand), it's perfectly clean.

(ep ?) Somebody's finger is holding the door open for the Haemovores.