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Bloopers #5


(ep 1) The Doctor's footwear has regenerated with him...

(ep 2?) When Tegan & Nyssa start to carry the zero cabinet (after blowing up the wheelchair in the stream), Nyssa gets her tiara caught on an overhead branch - and it stays up there. Neither Nyssa nor Tegan seem to notice..

(ep 4) When they're trying to find the way out of Castrovalva, Adric announces "I can see". He then sees the exit to the left - before he's even looked in that direction!

(ep 4) While the two Castrovalvians are searching for the cause of the broken window, there is a scene when they look meaningfully at each other. Right before the camera cuts away, the wall behind them starts to collapse...

Four to Doomsday:

(ep 2?) Tegan's sketch of "Earth fashions" is awfully quick. If she's that good, what's she doing as an air stewardess?

(ep ?) Look closely at the Chinese Dragon to spot the dancers underneath, dressed in their most authentic Ming Dynasty jeans and T-shirts!

(ep ?) In the room where the TARDIS is when something visits it, not the crew or the Doctor, a member of the studio staff is seen hiding behind a crate in the foreground...

(ep ?) The scene with the Doctor space-walking and using a rebounded cricket ball to propel himself back to the TARDIS would have Isaac Newton spinning in his grave! As anyone with at least a half-decent knowledge of basic physics would tell you, the Doctor couldn't have been propelled backwards that fast by such a relatively small object as a cricket ball... What would happen, if the Doctor were to actually try it, would be this: After releasing the ball in the first place, he would have started moving backwards by the action of throwing the ball. [Remember Newton's Third Law?] And not just moving in a straight line, mind you - he would have spun backwards in a slow cartwheel as a result of pitching the ball cricket-style, as he did. Assuming he was lucky enough to get a perfectly perpendicular bounce from that spacecraft, the ball would have caught up with him, impacting with whatever part of his body was facing that way at the time, increasing the rate of his spinning motion. [which still wouldn't be very fast...] Why do I get the feeling that Terence Dudley knew full-well about this, but wrote that scene the way he did just to annoy physics-conscious fans??


(ep 4) In the circle-of-mirrors scene in this episode, it's very clear to see that one of the mirrors is missing (The one in the bottom-left corner of the high-angle shots). This is, of course, because the cameras doing the ground-level shots had to have a wide enough area to shoot the action inside the circle...

(ep ?) Watch out for the incredible bouncy snake...

(ep ?) Look very closely at the forest floors, and you'll be able to see cords (which are large power lines). Apparently JNT saw this during production, and it was decided to just "buy" the shot, and hope it looked like tree roots..!

The Visitation:

(ep ?) When Nyssa is pushing the Terileptil's android into her room, you can see that her pants have fallen down a bit too far. She hurriedly pulls them up, making a big show of it in the process.

(ep ?) Has anyone else noticed the disappearing/reappearing hat trick that Peter Davison does in this story? One scene he's wearing it, next scene it's gone...

Black Orchid:

(ep 1) As the TARDIS crew arrive at the cricket match, we hear a batsman hit the ball towards the boundary, and see a fielder running after it... then the umpire calls a wide! (It can't be a wide, because the batsman hit it.)


(ep 1) Watch the scene when the last soldier in the search party hears a noise down in the caves and turns around. By the time he does so, the androids have disappeared down a side corridor, but you can see the shadow of one of them on the cavern wall... The soldier would have had to have been blind to miss it...

(ep 2) Just before he receives a message saying that the freighter has received security clearance, the Cyberleader tries to press a button on his console - and misses! But we hear the appropriate sound effect anyway...

(ep 3) About 15 minutes into the episode, as Tegan complains that she's exhausted and Scott tells her to keep her voice down, look in the shadows behind them - something that looks like a stick is being waved around in the darkness..! Then immediately afterwards as they climb the stairs on their way to the bridge, you can see what could possibly be someone holding a clipboard moving about in the background... (This information came from Peter Davison, the first person to spot it afterwards...)

(ep 3) After one of the first battles, as the Cybermen are walking up some stairs through the dead bodies, one of them stumbles briefly...

(ep 3) During the cliffhanger, it's blatantly obvious that the 3 columns of advancing Cybes are merely mirror images - watch the middle one's right hand disappear!

(ep 4) Look at the scene after the troopers and Tegan are separated... The troopers return to the TARDIS. There are four of them remaining at this point: the commander, a male with straight hair, a male with curly hair and a female. As they enter the TARDIS a Cyberman grabs the female trooper. In the next shot (inside the TARDIS) the commander, the male with straight hair and the female make it inside, closely followed by the Cyberman, but the curly-haired male trooper is missing! After they leave the TARDIS and are evading Cybermen in the freighter's hold, the female trooper has disappeared, and the curly-haired male one is back...!

(ep 4) As the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa are being led away from the bridge, the Cyberleader loses his footing when he gets to the bottom step...!

(ep 4) Watch Adric as he's trying to type in the final code on the keyboard... He keeps tapping a key or two, then pulling away from the console because Matthew Waterhouse knows it's going to blow up any minute, thanks to the final remaining Cyberman (which Adric isn't supposed to know about...)The Cybermen's mouth/chin pieces were originally clear plastic, but were later sprayed lightly with silver paint. Due to the order of filming they tend to swap back and forth. See if you can spot the changes...

(ep 4) After the freighter timewarps back, the Doctor says that it is "still locked onto the same spatial co-ordinates", to explain why it will still collide with Earth. However, 65 million years ago, the Earth would not be in the same position (spatially speaking), so the freighter would merely fly through where the Earth will be in 65 million years... So it shouldn't collide with anything at all!


(ep 1) Stapley and Nyssa see the Plasmatons materialize behind the Doctor before they actually appear...

(ep 3) In the scene where Nyssa is about to be absorbed by the Xerophin into their casket, she's standing in front of it glowing in a beam of pale light. While she's standing there shouting, a human hand briefly emerges from the sarcophagus, and then falls back down. Presumably, this was the hand of one of the actors who would later play an emerging Xerophin ...

(ep 4) When Captain Stapley's Concorde finally manages to take off from 140,000,000 B.C., we see hazy stock footage of an airborne plane imposed over the prehistoric set. While the plane is lifting off, a crow flies across the screen from right to left. Now, while crows are quite common and friendly in 1983, were they really that ubiquitous in prehistoric times??

Arc of Infinity:

(ep 3) Leonard Sachs as Borusa stutters most amusingly on the word 'permit' while uttering the line: "Only the gravest emergency would permit me to do as you want.."

(ep 4) JNT can be seen passing behind the telephone box as the Doctor is consulting the phone book. (He's the guy in the sheepskin coat.) This qualifies as a blooper because it was apparently accidental, they say he was shooing away tourists... Though I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was deliberate, a cameo a la Alfred Hitchcock... He would say that, wouldn't he? ;-)

Mawdryn Undead:

(ep 1) When the Doctor and Turlough are about to leave the TARDIS to disable the T-Mat signal on Earth, the Doctor has to hold the red door lever up, because it wouldn't stay in the "door open" position. Every time Peter Davison tried to move his hand away, it'd start sliding back, and he'd have to hold it again. Finally it stayed...

(ep ?) There's a scene where Nyssa is running towards the TARDIS in a clearing. See if you can notice Sarah Sutton's total misunderstanding of where the camera is, or indeed which camera she is on.


(ep 1) Watch where Nyssa accidentally drops her book in the corridor of the Lazar ship. Some poltergeist has moved it at least a yard by the time the Doctor finds it 10 minutes later...

(ep 2?) Near the end of the episode, there is a scene where The Doctor and a woman (Goddard?) are walking along a sort of scaffolding towards some stairs. We see them about to descend and the camera pans down to one of the Vanir. As he moves towards the bottom of the staircase a foot can clearly be seen up towards the top. Then, a small superimposed step is matted over the foot. It even moves with the shot. They tried to cover it up, but couldn't. In fact, they made it worse by attracting attention to it. The fools..

(ep 4) Turlough is trying to operate the TARDIS console when the Black Guardian appears on the scanner, telling Turlough not to bother with the TARDIS. Turlough yells "I can operate it!" and slams his fist down hard on the console... so much so that it visibly wobbles... Whoops!


(ep 1?) Not too major, but early on in the story, when the sailors in Striker's ship are running up the stairs, one of them stumbles slightly...

(ep 3?) A fairly blatant one here: When Tegan enters Wrack's cabin, she's talking (with her eyes open) when she's frozen by Wrack. Then cut to another shot of Tegan, with her eyes closed this time. But if she was totally frozen, how did her eyes close?

The King's Demons:

(ep 2) Kamelion (as King John) is seen playing a lute, but he fingers it as though it were a guitar. (The lute is not played like a guitar.)

The Five Doctors:

Near the beginning, Tegan comments on the Eye of Orion feeling just like Earth after a thunderstorm. The Doctor explains that this is because the atmosphere contains an unusually high number of positive ions... Well, it's actually negative ions which are present in large numbers after a thunderstorm. (And which have strange soothing effects on humans.) Terrance Dicks should award himself a mild slap on the wrists for that one. ;-)

After the obelisk gobbles up Doctor #3 and Bessie, when it moves away from where they were, you can see Bessie there for about a half-second, before it fades away. But let's not be picky!

Susan reminds us all how totally dense she is by tripping over a rock and spraining her ankle - the rock in question being plainly visible as the only object on an otherwise flat surface...

When Rassilon is giving Borusa immortal life, Borusa has his hand dramatically poised - and when he lowers it, it bangs into Rassilon's coffin...

At the end, when the Doctors are all returned from whence they came, they seem to have forgotten about poor old Bessie. Is she supposed to drive back to Earth by herself? Aw, shucks.

Warriors of the Deep:

(ep 4) Watch the scene where Doctor is standing on the Bridge, as some Sea-Devils exit behind him. Two of them manage to walk straight into each other!

(ep ?) Apparently you can see some special effects bods standing about in one scene - I've yet to spot it though...

(ep ?) You can also see a production person run across the set at one point...

(ep ?) The Silurian costumes come apart in places, and white T-shirts can be seen through the holes! (This story apparently fell more behind production schedule than any other. Apparently some takes were, as far as the actors knew, just full-dress rehearsal.)


(ep 1&2) When Plantaganet is shot at the end of episode 1, he clutches the right side of his chest.... but when we see him collapse in episode 2, he clutches his left side! Then, a few scenes later, when his shirt has been removed, we see that the wound on his chest is placed very centrally...

(ep 2&3) In episode 2, Tegan is being chased by Brazen and some guards, so she heads for the surface. She locks the door by putting a rod through the two handles on the double doors. When the doors are being broken open in episode 3, the rod is on the top of the handles, not through them...

(ep 4) In one scene aboard the still incomplete TARDIS, you can just barely see the central column of the console rise to its 'up' position on the left side of the screen. Now, if none of the controls were operative, I don't see how the column could move!

Resurrection of the Daleks:

(ep 1) Somebody accidentally omitted to credit Leslie Grantham....

(ep 2) As Mercer and Stien escort the Doctor to confront Davros, watch the wall behind them as the door slides shut. The "wall" is a semi-transparent scrim. You can clearly see the silhouette of a stagehand push the door shut, straighten up, and walk off...

(ep 2) Somebody forgot to include a picture of Leela amongst all the other companions in the mind-drain sequence... oops!

(ep 2) When Tegan finds the canisters, she mentions how light they are and tosses them about. However, when they arrive on the Dalek ship it takes two troopers to pick one up. Must be all that training they put air hostesses through..

(ep 2?) In one of the scenes where the Doctor is strapped to a mind probe, there is another body in the background next to Tegan and Turlough. (Supposedly a corpse.) But keep an eye on its hand, and you'll see it moving..< br>

Planet of Fire:

(ep 1) You see the mountains move against the desert floor when the Doctor is walking on the surface of Sarn.

(ep 1) Peri says "Elton John" with an English accent, even though she's supposed to be American.

(ep 1-4) Watch how the question marks on the Doctor's braces keep changing the way they face, depending on whether Peter davison is appearing in the studio or on location...

(ep 4) Isn't it strange that when the Comparator is removed from the Doctor's TARDIS, it is immobilised - but when the Doctor removes the Comparator from the Master's TARDIS, Kamelion is still able to move it into the flame jet. Funny old world, innit? (Or perhaps the Master's TARDIS has this added perk built-in...)

The Caves of Androzani:

(eps 1-4) Morgus's remote control quite blatantly belongs to a twentieth-century television set. Admittedly, the company logo has been taped over, but the volume, brightness and contrast controls are clearly visible in one close up (possibly in episode 1).

(ep 1) Nicola Bryant's American accent slips again when she says "glass" in a distinctly English manner.

(ep 1) The Doctor and Peri are exploring the cave system, when Peri falls through a hole, supposedly down a slope and into a spectrox nest. But after just enough time to say "boing", watch as Nicola Bryant's head makes a quick reappearance.

(ep 3?) Maurice Roeves (playing Stotz) screws up the line "All right, then where's the two kilos?". He seems to start saying "spectrox" before switching to "two".

(ep 4) When the Doctor is in the cave getting milk from the Queen Bat, the shot has been reversed - you can tell because the question marks on the Doctor's collar are backwards.

(ep 4) As the Doctor is escaping from the gun-runners, his coat is stained on the front of the right shoulder by a mud burst. But shortly afterwards, when the Doctor is climbing down to find the Queen Bat, his coat is completely clean... And then, when he is actually extracting the Queen's milk, the stains have magically re-appeared - only to disappear again as he climbs back up the rock face afterwards. And no prizes for guessing what happens in the next scene - yes, the mud stains reappear! (Thankfully they remain constant for the rest of the story - but interestingly, they change again for the beginning of The Twin Dilemma, which follows straight on from this episode.)

(ep 4) Take a look at the mouse holes clearly visible in the TARDIS during the regeneration...

(ep ?) When the gun-runners are throwing the guns off the catwalk, one of them gets a little stuck and has to be pushed again.