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Bloopers #3

Spearhead from Space:

(ep 1-4) General Scobee's epaulets have only two decorations, though a Royal Army general's epaulets have three decorations: crossed swords, a crown, and a diamond. (Could someone knowledgeable verify this?)

The Silurians:

(ep 1) At the beginning, when Liz stands up from kneeling, her belt gets caught on the bottom of her skirt and raises it up, letting those hordes of drooling fans see her stocking tops for a while. (ep ?) Watch Liz's belt - first it's tied on the right and then later it's tied on the left... And then back again!

The Ambassadors of Death:

(ep 1) Watch the scene where Van Lyden is sitting in the spaceship, as viewed on the monitor screen at space control... Well, Van Lyden says something like "beginning rotation now", and the image on the screen rotates. Well assuming this image comes from a camera inside the shuttle, surely this would mean the ship rotated but the camera didn't, unless the camera was outside in space (not a very satisfactory explanation!). Surely if the camera was in the spaceship, the ship could do a loop-the-loop and the image the camera sent wouldn't change, as the camera was effectively attached to the spaceship?

(ep 1&7) In episode 1, we see a matte shot of the launch control room, which has a high ceiling. At the very end of episode 7, we see another such shot... only they used the wrong backdrop this time... Suddenly the room has the same roof as the rocket launch site seen in episode 5...

(ep ?) When the doctor goes up in the rocket to dock with the Mars probe, he tells the space station controller that he can withstand more G force than normal people, so they can use more M3 fuel to make the trip faster. The controller declines saying the risk of the rocket exploding is too great... However, later when the aliens are working with the doctor and he is sending them back to their ship on board a rocket, the doctor suggests using pure M3 fuel as the ambassadors will not be affected by G force. Why was there no concern any more about the second rocket exploding???

(ep 4?) When Reegan goes into the cell to help the 'dying' Ambassador, one of them touches him and he flies against the wall. But when the Ambassadors touch anyone else, they are killed! Interesting, that...

(ep 4) Listen out for Taltalian's amazing changing accent in his car when he confronts Liz!

(ep 4&6) The same guard (stuntman Max Faulkner) who is killed by the Ambassador whilst at the main gate in episode 4 is alive and well in episode 6...! (Unless he's got a twin... ;-)

(ep ?) When Lennox is being chased up the stairs by the Alien, Reegan is knocked away. The Alien starts to collapse and Reegan jumps to get out of his way, hitting a "brick" wall that shakes quite a bit... ;-)


(ep 1) Look at the "Nuclear Power Output" gauge in the TARDIS laboratory - they've spelled "Megavolts" as "MEGGA VOLTS". Oops!

(ep 1) This is a pretty general problem, but it's best illustrated by an instance in Episode 1. The first person to be turned into a monster by the ooze is supposed to be red-hot (as are they all): in fact, when he dies lying against a wall, the paint is blistered and burnt by the heat from his body. Yet his clothes remain undamaged, and do not burst into flame! I guess the BBC couldn't tolerate a bunch of singed, greenish nudists running around a children's show menacing the cast.

Terror of the Autons:

(ep 1) That whole scene where the Auton is knocked down the cliff wasn't meant to happen. Stuart Fell (the stuntman) had it planned so that the car would stop short, and he'd take a few steps down the hill. Well, the car stopped too late and he goes flying down the hill at breakneck speed (though he wasn't hurt). That explains why the camera keeps switching angles, because none of the cameramen were expecting it!

(ep 1) When the Master hypnotises Jo in Farrell's office, he asks her who went to the radio telescope. Jo replies "Myself, the Brigadier and the Doctor". So what happened to Mike Yates then?

The Mind of Evil:

(ep 3) After the Master has the Doctor brought to the prison office, he informs him that he intends to steal a "nuclear" weapon away from U.N.I.T. to blow up the World Peace Conference. As has already been firmly established in the previous two episodes, it is a nerve gas missile; the Master himself even heard this information from having tapped the phones at HQ. Pertwee wisely ignores Delgado's blunder.

(ep 3) As the Doctor and the Master have a fist-fight in the prison governor's office, they knock over a water carafe, and slip and slide all over the ensuing puddle. This wasn't meant to happen, but they kept it in the finished episode, just because it looked great (so they said)...

The Claws of Axos:

(ep 3) Katy Manning's knickers make a guest appearance... It's when the Doctor drags Jo away from the claws imprisoning her on the floor in the Axon ship while Axos is convulsing. Her dress flies up at the back, showing her knickers briefly (the PAL version of this scene is converted back from NTSC so is of unfortunately poor quality).

(ep 4) In one scene, Chromakey blue is visible through the windows in a jeep with nothing superimposed...

(ep ?) In this story, they have a particle accelerator that accelerates particles to the speed of light and beyond, and they even have an instrument that measures the effect, marked in "X light"! (If I understand my relativity correctly, particles cannot be accelerated to the speed of light, let alone beyond it, because at that point they would have to have infinite mass.)

(ep ?) Watch out for the very wobbly brick wall in the scene where the Brigadier and co. are running into the lab just as the Doctor is accelerating the Axonite.

Colony in Space:

(ep 2) Watch the scene where Dent is interrogating Caldwell, just after he first brought the Doctor back to the IMC mining ship. Watch the monitor screen on the bridge. In some shots it's in place, but in others (especially close-ups on Caldwell), the CSO is missing and there's just a bright blue light!

(ep ?) There's one scene where a bunch of the colonists are standing around, listening to a speech, and abruptly as you're watching, two of the colonists in the group suddenly switch places! It's very abrupt - one moment they're in place, the next moment they switch. It looked like a bad edit to me...

(ep 3?) There's a scene where the Doctor and Jo sneak into the Master's TARDIS to have a look around... There is an alarm beam across the door at about knee level, so they have to wiggle under the beam on their backs. A couple of times they accidentally bump into the massive internal doors of the TARDIS and the doors wobble in a decidedly un-massive manner...!

The Daemons:

(ep 1&3) When that tree is blocking Jo and the Doctor's way up to Devil's End (this is at night), they both decide to get out of Bessie and run to the Devil's Hump. Notice that Bessie's headlights are left on. Now, when the Doctor goes back to collect Bessie later on, her headlights are off, and moreover, she starts like a charm. (No flat battery there...) So is this a blooper, or did the Doctor manage to rig up a device to automatically shut off Bessie's headlights..?

(ep 2&3) When the van (milk float?) crashes into the signpost and bursts into flames because of the heat barrier, the signpost clearly says 'Devils End 1' (as in one mile). In the very next scene we hear it explained that the heat barrier has a FIVE mile radius centred on the village church.

(ep 3?) When the Master summons Azal, look behind the Master's shoulder and play spot-the-crew-member..

The Claws of Axos:

(ep ?) When the Doctor and Jo escape from Axos, Jon Pertwee trips and falls flat on his face.

Colony in Space:

(eps 2&5) One of the IMC crew members in part 2 has suddenly become a colonist in part 5.. (he's played by Pat Gorman, I think.)

Day of the Daleks:

(ep 1) When Styles's house is being attacked by the Ogrons, the male freedom fighter (in studio) loses his hat while running out to fight. In the next shot (on location) he has it back on again.

(ep 1) Watch the Brigadier as he's running down from the road to the railway tunnel - through the mud...

(ep 1) At the start of this story, when the Doctor is messing around in the TARDIS trying to get it working, he hands a clipboard and pen to Jo. As he does so, the pen falls off the board and gets stuck about halfway down the console where it stays for several more shots. But: then Jo hands the clipboard back to the Doctor with the pen, and no sign of her having gone to fetch the errant writing implement...

(ep 1?) Watch the scene where the controller is reporting the status of what is going on in the future. The camera pulls right back to show who he has been reporting to - the Daleks. In awe of seeing them for the first time, the boom operator has forgotten to move out of the way and the boom mike is still easily seen sitting above the controller's head.

(ep ?) If you look at the Daleks' "screen" on which the Controller is depicted (in the upper-right corner), you can not only see that it's a video overlay of course, but you can see the edges of the "screen" waver noticeably as the switcher's hand jiggles!

(ep ?) Katy Manning's red knickers appear quite a few times... When she's getting up from sitting on the floor, when she's climbing down a wall, and basically when ever she makes a sudden movement: when she's travelling through time; when she moves closer to the Doctor and says, "You shouldn't have said that, you don't know the whole picture"; when she runs up the stairs out of the cellar, etc. etc...) (But interestingly enough, it isn't Katy Manning who's climbing down that wall - it's her stunt double, who happens to be male! [This is according to Jon Pertwee at a convention...] )

The Curse of Peladon:

(ep 2) When the Doctor and Jo go through one of the secret doors leading down below the palace, watch the door as it closes behind them - overhead you can see the string which was used to pull the door open in the first place....

The Sea Devils:

(ep 1) The Doctor has a telescope, which he uses to look at the Master's prison with. Yet when the camera switches to the close up of the castle, it shows the view from a pair of binoculars. (It's another matter entirely that when you use *real* binoculars, it doesn't look like that sideways figure-of-8 shape anyway!)

(ep 1) When Jo and the Doctor are climbing the ladder to get into the sea-fort, it's painfully obvious that it isn't Katy Manning, but a bloke in a Jo Grant wig. It looks dreadful - but totally hilarious!

(ep 2) When the Doctor and Jo are carrying the fat guy out, you can see shadows and light moving around in the background as if there's someone there. (and indeed, there probably is.)

(ep 2?) While in the sea-fort, the Doctor rigs up the radio to transmit messages, but somehow still gets it to receive them too... Handy, that.

(ep 3) When the submarine crashes to the sea bed, watch... There is a shot of the sub falling, cut to the inside and the crew fall around a bit. Then the sub hits the sea bed, in a model shot, then cut back again and they fall around a bit more... (i.e. they started falling around before the sub was hit...)

(ep ?) The radio that the Doctor built couldn't have worked... If you look at the device (this is clearest right before it explodes), you can see that there's a 9 Volt battery clip sticking out of it. The blooper is that there is no battery in the socket, so electricity cannot flow between the two metal terminals... Therefore the whole thing shouldn't be able to work at all because there isn't a complete circuit..! (But I doubt that the Doctor would let small details like that stop him... ;-)

The Mutants:

(ep 1) The Doctor tells Jo that he couldn't open the package if he wanted to twice in the same speech..!

The Time Monster:

(ep ?) Katy Manning shows off her knickers (yes, again!) twice. But with an added twist: The first time is when she falls and complains about her tailbone - they're white. And the second time, when she is out in the time vortex, she is lying on the ground and hears the Doctor. She stands up and... oops! - except they're yellow this time... Now where did she get the time to change them...?

(ep ?) You can see the stick holding the TARDIS in the scene where the Master throws it into the time vortex.

(ep ?) During the story, the Doctor gives Jo the "TARDIS sniffer-outer". If you watch Jo's hand whenever it is "on" you can see her finger on a button turning it on and off...

The Three Doctors:

(ep 1-4) Whenever the scanner is used it shows a picture of the lab with the TARDIS in one corner. Wait a moment... If the scanner is mounted on the TARDIS then how can it be in the picture?

(ep 1) How about the scene where JP hears the materialisation of PT's recorder? He looks down and picks up the recorder, and mentions something about how he has seen it before and asks if anyone owns it... Well, we all saw it before we heard it materialise sitting on the console... Oh well...

(ep 1&3) Katy Manning does it again (just when you thought it was safe..!) First, when the Gell Guards come out of the drain... The Doctor tells her to back slowly behind the car. Instead she jumps over the seat. When she is doing it, the back of her mini-skirt lifts up. Oops! You can see her light blue knickers clearly. And secondly, when they escape from Omega's castle, she comes down a hill a bit too quickly. Oops (again)!

(ep 2) When Bessie is seen for the first time in anti-land, look at the tires... You can see the dust from the ground all over them as if the car had been driven. But in the story it was "supposed" to have been teleported...

(ep 2&4) You can see the reflections of some camera crew in the monitor used to display the First Doctor...

(ep 2-4) When Omega is looking at his "magic screen", you can see the outline of the actual television set at the edge of the image...

(ep 3&4) Watch Omega throughout the story - at various times, Stephen Thorne's lips are visible, and in one profile shot so is his jaw, yet when the mask is removed, we find that Omega has been dissipated... (So he shouldn't have any lips, dammit!)

(ep 4) During the scene when all the companions are returning to Earth via the pillar of smoke, you can see and hear each person walk up the stairs to the pillar of smoke. Although they disappear, you can clearly hear them walk down the other side!

Carnival of Monsters:

(ep 1) As Jo sneaks across Major Daly's "office" (while Daly is asleep) to retrieve the 'Illustrated London News', you can hear a pencil being dropped and rolling across the floor!

Frontier in Space:

(ep ?) Jo seems to change her outfit between episodes - while being held in the in the prison cell..

(ep ?) When the Doctor goes out to repair the spacecraft, look out for the very obvious strings holding him up...

(ep ?) During the Doctor's spacewalk, he pulls an oxygen tube from his spacesuit. Not only does his suit not depressurise, but the thrust from it only pushes him in one direction - toward the spaceship hatch! Handy, that.

(ep ?) And after the Doctor's spacewalk, you can see a production assistant waiting to help Pertwee back into the hatch...

(ep ?) During the last of the "kidnapping attempts", the Doctor and Jo are running away from the Ogrons. Jon Pertwee dives behind a small wall, and Katy Manning comes behind him and bends over to hide behind the wall. But while she does this, the seat of her pants rip apart quite badly at the seam...

Planet of the Daleks:

(ep 1) After the Doctor recovers from his 'coma', he gets up and stands at the console. If you watch the central column at this point, you can see (in one of the mirrored surfaces) a reflection of one of the production crew moving around...

(ep 2) As the Doctor is being escorted out of the lift in the underground complex, watch the Dalek as it passes through the door - it bumps into the side with an audible 'thunk'!

(ep 2) When the Spiridon is treating Jo's infected arm, have a look on the ground - you can see the shadow of whoever is holding the bowl. 'So what?', I hear you ask... Well, Spiridons are supposed to be invisible! (Makes it rather hard for them to cast shadows, doesn't it?)

(ep 2) The rock that hits Jo on the head is so large it should've crushed her skull like a grape or at least caused major concussion. Also notice that Katy Manning obviously knows she's going to be zonked on the head, and blinks uncontrollably just before it strikes..

(ep 3?) When the Doctor and co. escape up the shaft with the aid of a giant hankie, the Dalek that they send after him has a blatantly obvious string attached to its top.

(ep 4?) Vicious Spiridonian jungle animals have surrounded the Thals' fire encampment.. but their silhouettes are clearly cardboard cutouts with glowing lights for eyes. When the Thals shoot and "scare off" the animals, the eye lights go off, but their silhouettes clearly remain!

(ep 5?) In the scene when the Daleks enter the rock circle (where Jo and the Thals have been hiding), watch one of the Daleks as it glides straight into one of the rocks - which then can be seen and heard scraping across the studio floor!

(ep 6) That rather daft-looking Supreme Dalek seems to have a few problems with its eyepiece, which lights up in a similar way to the normal Dalek voice-indicator lights whenever the dude happens to be talking... The main problem is that it also seems to light up when other Daleks are talking as well! Watch one particular scene in this episode involving an exchange between the Supreme and two other Daleks to see this.

(ep ?) You can see the strings that lower the door of the Dalek ship...

(ep ?) Despite being light years away from the nearest salon, Jo's hairstyle mysteriously changes halfway through the story..

(ep ?) The pots of the "exotic Spiridon jungle plants" are clearly visible in several shots..

The Green Death:

(ep 2) After the lift brake fails at the start of the episode, a close-up shot of Katy Manning shows her miner's helmet lacking a lamp. But in the next shot, the lamp magically returns...

(ep 2) In the fight scene with the security guards, Pertwee's double is wearing the wrong colour wig...

(ep 2) When the Brigadier phones Professor Jones looking for cutting equipment to rescue Jo and Bert from the mine, Jones suggests asking Global Chemicals instead, since he tried to borrow some from them 'several weeks ago'. But when the Brig is talking to Stevens at Global Chemicals and mentions the Professor, Stevens says something like: "Ah yes, he came looking for our cutting equipment yesterday"..

(ep ?) Jon Pertwee mispronounces "chitinous" (i.e, mollusc-like) - the first syllable should be pronounced 'kite', but he says it as 'chit'. Afterwards, the production team received a letter that said: "The reason I'm writin' / Is how to say chitin." ;-)

The Time Warrior:

(ep 1) When Linx first meets Irongron and plants his flag (claiming Earth for the Sontaran Empire), immediately before the scene change, and for no apparent reason, Irongrod and Bloodaxe both turn their heads and look away from Lynx, off stage to their right... [Is this a case of bad editing or something?]

(ep ?) Sarah is put to work peeling potatoes... in the 12th century. (Potatoes were not introduced to Europe until Elizabethan times.)

Invasion of the Dinosaurs:

(ep 2) When Mike Yates is about to sabotage the Doctor's gun, he glances down at it in the back of the Brigadier's jeep - and it can be seen that the sabotage device is already on it. (Although we don't see him put it on until on shortly afterwards).

(ep 2) When the UNIT soldiers are shooting at the tyrannosaurus, the CSO is very badly lined up - making it seem like their rifles are aimed at the building beside it.

(ep 4?) As the Doctor is being 'herded' through the underground complex, watch the right wall when the second door falls. It wobbles quite badly...

(ep ?) When Sarah is hit on the head by a beam knocked loose by the dinosaur, it hits the back of her head and yet it's her forehead that appears bruised and scratched!

Death to the Daleks:

(ep 2?) Watch for when Sarah-Jane is supposed to be trapped in the cage... except she's not! The empty cage can be clearly seen in the background. Apparently Lis Sladen got sick of waiting around for them to set up the shot, so wandered off to get a cup of tea. When she came back they were already filming and didn't want to reshoot it thinking no one would notice... Ha!

(ep 4) When they are placing the bomb on the beacon, watch as the chap doing it slams it into place, and you can see the whole structure move. He even reaches out quickly and grabs the pole as if he's afraid it's about to fall over.

(ep ?) You can see the tracks the Daleks are moving on in one of the Exxilon outdoor mining scenes.

(ep ?) A Dalek's head is falling off in one scene.

(ep ?) When the city "root" guardian comes out of the water and attacks the Exxilons, you can see the piece of string holding it up.

The Monster of Peladon:

(ep ?) Watch out for the really obvious stunt double when the Doctor is fighting the guy with the sonic lance...

(ep ?) When the Doctor is holed up in the refinery and being attacked by Ice Warriors, he sends out the fake Aggedor to fry them. Notice that before he does this, there is a gaping huge hole in the door. When Aggedor rematerializes after zapping them, we can see the door to the right side of the screen and it is untouched...