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Bloopers #2

Power of the Daleks:

(ep 5) The fourth Dalek has trouble exiting through the arch (also terrible photo blow-up Daleks).
(ep 5) It's painfully obvious that there are only four Daleks who keep going around the set and coming back through the door again to make it look like there is a whole legion of Daleks. (Note the delay between the time the fourth Dalek exits and the "fifth" Dalek enters.)

The Underwater Menace:

(ep 3) at the start of this episode, you can hear someone (either the director or the PA, probably) calling the shots/directing the actors. (It's very audible indeed.)

The Moonbase:

(ep 2) The Cyberman that gets off the bed in the sick-bay nearly sends the whole thing flying...
(ep 4) Dr Evans, infected with the virus makes his way to the Gravitron and knocks out the operator. He takes the operator's hat and puts it on backwards! However, by the next time we see him, it is on forwards again.
(ep ?) When the Cybermen blast the hole in the side of the dome the air gets sucked out - but very slowly. Surely it should be almost instantaneous?

The Faceless Ones:

(ep 1) Watch the background as the Doctor, Jamie and Polly decide to go to the main airport building after finding the dead body - you can distinctly see a shadow passing behind the upper portion of the door!

The Evil of the Daleks:
(ep 2) As the Dalek questions Victoria, you can see a camera lens quickly sneak into left of the shot and then quickly withdraw!
(ep 2) Marius Goring (Professor Maxtible) messes up when he refers to Edward Waterfield as "Whitefield"...
(ep 7) Near the beginning of the episode, listen to Patrick Troughton say: "I wonder what the doo-daleks are d-doing.."

The Tomb of the Cybermen:
(ep 3) The scene where Toberman is lifted up in the air by a Cyberman features an embarrassingly large and clearly visible safety harness.
(ep 3) Just after they close the hatch on a Cyberman who then punches at it, we see the same Cyberman emerge from the bottom of the ladder with the sleeve of his costume obviously giving way around the shoulder.
(ep 3) The end of Klieg's X-ray laser flies off when he first fires it!
(ep 3) Listen carefully when they're shutting the hatch on the Cyberman - a very deep human voice goes "Oooooooo" over the soundtrack. I'm sure this isn't the Cyberman - check it out, and see what you think.
(ep 4) When the hatch is being closed for good, Jamie stumbles and nearly knocks Victoria over. Luckily the Doctor managed to grab him before he fell...
(ep 4) When Toberman lifts up the Cybercontroller, it's so obviously an empty costume that it's pathetic!

The Ice Warriors:
(ep 1) The explanation Clent gives for the Ice Age is totally wrong. He says that too many plants were destroyed, and as plants produce carbon dioxide, that meant a shortage of CO2 in the atmosphere, hence the ice age. But plants *use up* CO2, so getting rid of them would *raise* the temperature! (i.e, the 'greenhouse effect'.)

Enemy of the World:
(ep 3) It's interesting to observe that seemingly every sound in this episode has been redubbed and as a result is out of synch - sometimes quite badly. An example is when Milton Johns has his thugs break into Giles Kent's trailer - there is a three-second lag between the breaking of the plates and the sounds they make...

The Wheel in Space:
(ep 6) After the meteors have been destroyed and Leo Ryan is berating the Doctor for choosing to send Jamie and Zoe out in the middle of it, the Doctor tells him that many lives will be lost unless they "switch over to sexual air supply"(!) It's supposed to be 'sectional', but clearly Pat Troughton had other things on his mind at that moment...
(ep 6) Everyone keeps referring to 'meteorites', which is incorrect. They should be called 'meteors', as they only become meteorites after they enter the Earth's atmosphere.

The Dominators:
(ep 1) When the Doctor, Zoe, and Jamie are wandering around the ruin, a boom shadow can be seen.
(ep 1) In this story, the costume designers must have gone insane... Almost every costume is silly and rather impractical. Their only function seems to be to make this blooper list longer..! We see our first example of this in episode 1, when Wahed (the female on Kully's craft) is running down the hill. Her "skirt" (one can hardly call that horrible object a skirt) flies way up, exposing her knickers.
(ep 1) When Kando (the girl in the survey team) is sitting down at the communication panel, you can see that her costume has fallen apart at the back, exposing her knickers for all to see. She seems to realise this, because from that point on in the scene she either keeps her back away from the camera, or holds her costume together with her hands....
(ep 2) Then Zoe (Wendy Padbury) decides to struggle into one of those monstrosities... When she gets out of the Capsule, her skirt has bunched up at the front and her undies are visible.
(ep 2) When the survey port is being destroyed, the thing to keep the bottom part of the costume up (a small zip located in the back of the costume) has come undone. When the smoke is rushing around her, the skirt actually falls down without her knowing it. She is standing around looking very silly in her black knickers with her costume around her ankles for quite a while before the camera cuts out. The next time we see her, the skirt is back up, but again, unzipped...
(ep 2) Later, Zoe brushes some dirt off of her shoulder. The strap on the dress gets knocked off too, but she picks it up pretty quickly. Later, when she says, "Better than being cooked in here," the strap is down again. Kully then says, "Lets try to open this door," and they move over to the door. With her back to the camera the dress starts to slide and thankfully for her, she quickly wakes up to the fact that it is down....
(ep 3) In this episode, Wendy Padbury again has problems. She bends over to put a rock down, and the zip on her costume breaks. It's quite clear for us to see, but she doesn't realize this. And when Balan collapses she turns her back to the camera and rushes to help him. What follows is a very amusing scene in which Wendy Padbury tries to look stern, but her exposed knickers counteract any facial expression she can make. :-)
(ep 4?) Behind the arms of the Quarks, you can see the the arms of the operator inside them quite clearly (especially when they are flapping around to 'recharge').
(ep 4) Kando rushes to help Teel, who has fallen. One of the Dominators grabs her and picks her up. Her skirt flies way up exposing a generous amount of her undies.
(ep 5) Again Zoe's zipper wreaks havoc. First of all, when she leaves the tunnel, her skirt drags on the ground behind her, sending it higher and higher. When Jamie and Kully bomb the drilling rig, she rushes over to the Doctor and stands with her back to the camera... Her fly's down at this point. However, the next time we see her, it's back up. Later, when the Doc is finished his round of drilling she comes over and gives him a report of the drilling. Again, the "franticness" that Wendy Padbury tries to convey is rendered somewhat amusing as her zipper is again yawning wide open. Then, when Kully comes down injured, she rushes over to help him down the ladder. Guess what? It's still open. When Jamie follows Kully down, keep your eye on Jamie and Zoe. Frazer Hines goes over to Wendy Padbury and gestures towards her bum, possibly telling her that she is exposing herself at this area. This doesn't help, because later when the Doctor has the seed device her zipper is down even farther than before....
(ep ?) In the Dominators' ship, there another one or two scenes of Wendy Padbury's open zipper. It's a wonder she didn't know that it was there - it must have been pretty draughty...
(ep ?) Watch out for the amusing scenes demonstrating the art of how-to-make-three-Quarks-look-like-a-lot-more...

The Mind Robber:
(ep 1) Watch when the Doctor pushes Zoe and Jamie into the TARDIS. He presses so hard that he leaves a handprint on the back of Zoe's jumpsuit that stays for several minutes!
(ep 1) When the Doctor pushes Jamie & Zoe back into the TARDIS, the caption "Producer, PETER BRYANT" is visible on the TARDIS scanner!
(ep 1&2) After the TARDIS has been ripped apart, we see the console floating about with Zoe and Jamie sprawled over it. When you see it from a distance, Zoe is lying on her right side (legs going off to the left), the tight shot has her lying on her left side (legs going off to the right). You see these two shots back and forth a couple of times so it really becomes noticeable.
(ep 3) When Jamie is standing by that ticker-tape machine that tells him what's going on with the Doctor or Zoe (or what's supposed to happen), for quite a while he's reading it upside down! He's standing and reading it so that the newly printed portion of ticker-tape comes out to his left. Now, we all read from left to right, so it's impossible for that to be the right side to read it from. (And just to make sure, earlier on we see that the print is indeed facing the opposite direction from where Jamie is reading later on...) Interesting, that.
(ep 3) When the Doctor and friends enter the house which leads into the Thesean labyrinth and the wooden door creaks shut, the sound glitches and the sound cuts off and repeats itself halfway through. The door is well shut by the time it's all over...
(ep 4) It's painfully clear that the shelfs and books in the library are just cardboard cut-outs. Look at how the shadows fall on them.
(ep 4) When the Doctor first meet the Master, the following exchange takes place: Master [proudly]: "...and for twenty-five years I've delivered five thousand words every week!" Doctor [thoughtfully]: "Ah, so you're a writer." Zoe: "25 years! 5000 words a week!" [thinks] "Why, that's well over half a million words!" It certainly is. It's over six and a half million words, in fact. Zoe was obviously thinking in non-Aristotelian arithmetic.
(ep 5) During the big battle-of-the-imaginations scene at the end of this episode, the Master of the Land of Fiction decides that the Doctor is expendable, and has him surrounded by White Robots. The camera closes in on his right profile, and he shouts out, "Change Weapons To Destructor Beams!". While he says the word "Destructor", three thick white streams of saliva come spraying out of his mouth and across the screen...!
(ep ?) The map of the maze, which is on the Master's screen, doesn't correspond to what Zoe says about following the pattern of "1st on the left, 2nd on the right, 3rd on the left, 4th on the right and so-on." On the map, going they way Zoe said they did, they would have made it to the middle of the maze after the second right!

The Invasion:
(ep 2) In this story, Sally Faulkner (who played Isobel Watkins) and Wendy Padbury (who played Zoe Heriot) seem to have a little contest between themselves.... It all starts in episode 2, as Isobel is lying on the floor photographing Zoe. She takes a rest and stands up. As she does so, her white knickers make their first (but not last) appearance....
(ep 2) In one scene, Zoe pronounces 'integer' with a hard G instead of a soft 'j' like the rest of us...
(ep 2) Wendy Padbury's knickers make their debut as her skirt rides up her back when she is being pushed and pulled out of the IE reception area. Her white polka dot undies are clearly visible....
(ep 2) Zoe quickly takes the lead when she is again pushed and pulled by IE guards... This time it is when they are leaving Vaughn's office: one of the guards pushes her through the door. She goes so fast that her mini-skirt just flies up.
(ep 2) At the very end of this episode, after Zoe and Isobel have been knocked out, the guards are carrying them to the cartons. They are both being carried horizontally, with their legs pointing towards the camera... Unfortunately, it's rather hard to avoid noticing female undergarments in situations like that..!
(ep 3) Vaughn sends Packer to see Professor Watkins, so Packer gets into the elevator and pushes the "3" button. Later in the same episode, the Doctor and Jamie are being led from meeting the professor when they escape into the elevator and start it moving. When the Doctor starts to sabotage the elevator, Jamie complains "but we're 6 floors up!", and Packer confirms a few minutes later that they are on the 6th floor. Obviously, the professor is on the 6th floor. Perhaps the toilet is on the 3rd floor?
(ep 3) When Jamie and the Doctor are climbing up the lift shaft to escape from the I.E. henchmen, look at the cables behind them. Considering they're supposed to be holding up a lift they don't look very taut... they're wobbling about like mad!
(ep 5) Zoe is sitting on the table. The Doctor and Jamie come in and she slides off just a bit too quickly, so her skirt snags briefly on the edge... This makes it 4-2 for Zoe...
(ep 5) While Isobel is trying to let the Brig let her take photos of the Cybermen, Zoe is sitting on a (different) table. She is facing the camera and is sitting with her knees jammed together. Well, nice try! Her undies still manage to put in an appearance anyway... At this stage, one is almost expecting to see them mentioned in the end credits..! "ZOE'S UNDERGARMENT'S STUNT DOUBLE - Terry Walsh"
(ep 5) After Vaughan has consulted with the Cybercontroller, he sits down and talks to Packer. If you look behind Vaughan then, you'll notice that the panel concealing the CyberController has an awful lot of trouble closing...
(ep 5) When Zoe, Jamie and Isobel are getting out of the jeep to get photos of the Cyberman, our two female friends jump out rather fast, exposing their underwear yet again... Watch Benton's looking at Wendy Padbury's knickers. Jamie almost had to drag him away...
(ep 5) Zoe is climbing down a ladder into the sewer. The angle of the camera is positioned RIGHT underneath her, looking straight up her mini-skirt. Douglas Camfield was obviously having fun directing this story...
(ep 6) Now that Zoe is up 7 - 3, Isobel tries to catch up as she is taking photos of the Cybermen. Jamie sees the Cyberman coming, and pulls her out of the way. Her hands are around her head (taking pictures) and she can't stop her skirt from flying up.
(ep 6) Zoe pulls even farther ahead later this episode... It's when the Cybermen are attacking in the sewer and she races to get up the ladder. Although that camera has moved position, you can still see her underpants. Thankfully, Douglas Camfield seemed to tire of this little jape after episode 6, so there are no more bloomers on view anywhere... The final score is: Zoe - 8 Isobel - 4... So Wendy Padbury wins!
(ep 7&8) What exactly are Cybermen doing with lace-up shoes?? (You can see them in close-up while they are marching through the streets...)
(ep 8) The Cyberman falling from the roof is plainly just an empty costume...
(ep 8) Wendy Padbury manages to screw up the line "But in moving in fifty thousand miles, they've come into range of the Russian missiles." - she starts to say 'thirty' instead of 'fifty', but manages to correct herself...
(ep ?) When the Cyberman comes out of that box (when they try to use the Professor's machine on it), part of the fabric gets stuck to him. The camera switches to his back, and we can see the fabric being pulled away...

The Krotons:
(ep 1) After the scene where the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe leave the TARDIS, they start to climb some rocks. Fraser Hines comes down too fast and crashes into Wendy Padbury who is thrown back, ooh, about 10 feet, I'd say. (What an awkward pillock.)
(ep 4) When one of the Gonds has his legs trapped under a rock, just before the Doctor and Zoe can help him he shifts his legs slightly and the "rock" wobbles considerably. It's then quite amusing to watch Pat Troughton and Wendy Padbury pretend the lump of polystyrene is heavy...
(ep 4) While Jamie and Beta are making the sulphuric acid, at one point they walk backwards into each other. At this moment, Beta's face mask has slipped below his nose - but we then immediately see a shot from another camera in which the mask is in place again...
(ep 4) The one time we see a whole Kroton (as it emerges from the Machine), spot the bulge in the bottom section where the operator's leg is moving!
(ep 4) When the rock pile buries the Doctor, Wendy Padbury is on her knees. This is probably not the best position to be in while wearing such a short skirt... [Doncha just love those sexist BBC directors?]
(ep ?) Whenever Zoe is on the stairs the camera is positioned right underneath her. [ditto previous comment about the director]
(ep ?) Keep an ear out for Pat Troughton's tendency to say "Joey" instead of "Jamie, Zoe" ?
(ep ?) When the Doctor and Zoe are being taken into the Krotons, we see Jamie coming to stop them. The strange thing is, we see Jamie starting to run from a standstill, but supposedly he has just being running from somewhere else.

The Seeds of Death:
(ep 1) As the Doctor is coming out of the TARDIS and struggling into his coat, notice that his braces (that's "suspenders" in Americanese) have come unbuttoned from his trousers on one side and are flapping around...
(ep ?) The Doctor's hair goes through remarkable changes in length and thickness throughout the course of the story... An example: He finds out Radner hasn't received the message to make it rain, and comes to the conclusion that Jamie and Zoe have gone to the weather control centre themselves. Radner than says that this was where the Ice Warrior was last seen. The Doctor rushes out. (he's very hirsute at this point). Outside, the Doctor is running fast, probably trying to make up the time lost when he went for his haircut - as his hair is an awful lot shorter, no sideburns etc. (This one is very obvious...)
(ep ?) Watch the scene in the storage room where Jamie is fighting with an Ice Warrior. At some point one of them knocks against the wall, and it wobbles quite distinctly...
(ep ?) Watch for when one of the crew on the Moonbase is attacked by the Ice Warrior... He collapses across the main control console, which wobbles like a piece of cardboard, amazingly enough.
(ep ?) When the Doctor enters the Weather Control Building (which is full of those suds), he and Zoe race down a corridor, then stop and talk for a few seconds. They then start to rush off to find Jamie when Zoe says, "No, this way" and points. Wendy Padbury starts going in that direction but slips on the mess of suds that is all over the floor. She bumps into the Doctor (who is also having balancing problems) almost knocking him over in the process... Finally, they both stagger off the screen. Pure slapstick. ;-)
(ep ?) Take a look at one of the Ice Warriors approaching the Weather Control station. There is a head-and-shoulders shot in which several strands of long black hair are sticking out from beneath the back of his helmet... (Though of course, we don't know whether or not Ice Warriors actually do have hair - who knows what they're hiding under that armour? ;-)
(ep ?) Watch carefully for the scene where Zoe's pants are falling down. She's in the background and looks very silly!
(ep ?) During the scene in the space museum when they're building the rocket, you can distinctly hear the sound of a wrench (or some other metal tool) being dropped on the cement floor!

The War Games:
(ep 2) The Doctor is in a tree with Zoe, and he's looking through a mini-telescope at some troop movements. However, when the scene switches back to the Doctor and Zoe, the picture is still cropped into a circle for a brief moment.
(ep ?) Zoe supposedly has memorized the names of the resistance leaders, yet she doesn't know who the Mexican is.
(ep ?) In one scene Zoe seems to be holding her pants up. The story goes that the buckle and zipper broke, but the filming was so far behind schedule that they told her to keep going regardless...