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H u m o r
Old Humor Updated Jan 12, 2001

I learned..
A multicoloured jacket is not a fashion statement.

Flying down from the Eiffel Tower would draw attention.

You can never have too many pockets

Always interfere-- everybody else does

Night Before Christmas
'Twas the night before christmas, when all through the continuum,
Not a chronovore was stirring, for time ad infinituum....

Politicly Correct
  • Doctor no longer fights evil. Now crusades to help the "ethically challenged."

    You watch too Much Doctor Who if...
    Do you:
    Own more than one long scarf.
    Catch yourself looking for Daleks in rock quarries....

    Why do YOU watch Doctor Who?
    "I have a thing for young girls screaming."
    "It's an addiction..."

    Doctor had a Little Sam
    ....Everywhere that Doctor went, Sam was sure to go..
    Dr. Who Fan Types
  • The Raving Maniac...
  • The "No I'm Normal Really!!!" Fan...

    You're a Fan if..
    When asked what type of screwdriver you want, you say, "Sonic."
    Things I learn from Dr. Who
    You can never have too many pockets
    Don't eat the yellow dip!!..

    Money for Doctor Who...
    Dalek Rap featuring Davros - performs his smash single 'EXTERMINATE'
    Terrible Doctor Who writers ask..
    It's called "How The Doctor Found His Groove..."
    "What would happen if Gallifrey was destroyed...?"

    Computer Viruses
    The "Adric" Virus...
    The dreaded "BBC" virus...

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