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Understanding Madlibs
Madlibs are great ways for people to have fun and learn at the same time

    Noun - A person, place or thing. Examples: king, living room, pencil, scarf, etc.
    Verb - an action. Examples: jump, run, fly, scream, etc.
    Adjective - describes a noun. Examples: green, soft, heavy, bright, etc.
    Adverb - describes a verb, usually ends in "ly". Examples: slowly, happily, stupidly, etc.
    Exclamation/Explicative - something someone yells. Examples: wow, ouch, yippy, etc.
    The rest are pretty much self-explanatory

What Happens
    Just enter the type of word indicated in the dialog box. If you do not know what the words mean, look at the definitions and examples above before you begin. If you simply click OK or Enter then you may read the stroy as it was origionaly writen.

    Madlibs were invented long ago, and are still around today (as you can see). They used to have to write out every word on paper, but with today's technology, we can do all the work for you; just tell us the words.