L i g h t p a t h s   t o   L a u g h t e r
Vol 1, Iss 1 March 2001
Humor and Learn from Doctor Who!
New Pepper-Pot-Super-Suit Who is Larry-Boy?    Bigidea.com

Superhero Assimilated by Daleks

Larry-Boy, the greatest cucumber superhero in Bumblyburg returned yesterday from his near fatal meeting with the Daleks, a race of evil, destructive aliens. Larry-Boy's returned to Bumblyburg was not a surprise, but his new pepper-pot-super-suit surprised, and frightened many of his greatest fans.
Larry-Boy's new pepper-pot-super-suit can withstand the coldest slushies and the softest pies without even a tiny scratch. The pepper-pot-super-suit is equipped with a specially designed gun-stick to ward off any unwanted weeds, and a new super-suction ear that may have hidden functions. Larry-Boy considers his trip a great success. "They are making a new Dalek army look just like me!" he said. Larry-Boy refuses to comment further about the upcoming Dalek invasion.
When asked if he will to stop the Dakek invasion of Bumblyburg, Larry-Boy's only answer is "Nope, not me". But if the great hero Larry-Boy cannot stop the evil Daleks from invading our small town, who will?

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