L i g h t p a t h s   t o   L a u g h t e r
Vol 1, Iss 1 Friday, January 12, 2001
Guess What?
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...swim in the pickle jar...

She Came From the Pool...

    'The TARDIS is dying!' The Doctor yelled. 'We need something to jettison.' He turned to Sam and stared at her swimming outfit. 'What are you doing in that flowery getup? This is no time to swim.'
    'The pool--' Samantha tried to explain.
    'The pool! Of course!' The Doctor pinched his forehead and winced. 'Sometimes Sam, you can make amazingly universal remarks!'
    'yes...' Sam smiled, not quite understanding.
    'If we jettison the pool, we can get one hundred stones of energy. Well, at least 23,' he muttered as an after-thought. He pressed a teacup on the console and nodded to himself.
    'Why not the horseshoe room?' Sam asked.
    'The pool is big, blue, and very wet. The horseshoe room isn't. Anyway, you can swim in the pickle jar until it grows back in a hour or two,' The Doctor said without turning around.

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