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The New Adventures

Title Author

+ Oh No It Isn't! Paul Cornell
Dragons' Wrath Justin Richards
Beyond the Sun Matthew Jones
Ship of Fools Dave Stone
Down Laurence Miles
Deadfall Gary Russell
Ghost Devices Simon Bucher-Jones
Mean Streets Terrance Dicks
Tempest Christopher Bulis
Walking to Babylon Kate Orman
Oblivion Dave Stone
The Medusa Effect Justin Richards
Dry Pilgrimage Paul Leonard & Nick Walters
The Sword of Forever Jim Mortimore
Another Girl, Another Planet Len Beech & Martin Day
Beige Planet Mars Lance Parkin & Mark Clapham
Where Angels Fear Rebecca Levene & Simon Winstone
The Mary-Sue Extrusion Dave Stone
Dead Romance Lawrence Miles
Tears of the Oracle Justin Richards
Return to the Fractured Planet Dave Stone
The Joy Device Justin Richards
Twilight of the Gods Mark Clapahan & Jon DeBurgh Miller

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