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The Dr. Who New Adventures


- Timewyrm: Genesis John Peel
- Timewyrm: Exodus Terrance Dicks
- Timewyrm: Apocalypse Nigel Robinson
- Timewyrm: Revelation Paul Cornell
- Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible Marc Platt
+ Cat's Cradle: Warhead Andrew Cartmel
- Cat's Cradle: Witchmark Andrew Hunt
+ Nightshade Mark Gatiss
- Love and War Paul Cornell
- Transit Ben Aaronovitch
- The Highest Science Gareth Roberts
- The Pit Neil Penswick
- Deceit Peter Darvill-Evans
+ Lucifer Rising Andy Lane & Jim Mortimore
+ White Darkness David A. McIntee
- Shadowmind Christopher Bulis
- Birthright Nigel Robinson
- Iceberg David Banks
- Blood Heat Jim Mortimore
+ The Dimension Riders Daniel Blythe
- The Left-Handed Hummingbird Kate Orman
+ Conundrum Steve Lyons
- No Future Paul Cornell
+ Tragedy Day Gareth Roberts
- Legacy Gary Russell
- Theatre of War Justin Richards
- All-Consuming Fire Andy Lane
+ Blood Harvest Terrance Dicks
- Strange England Simon Messingham
- First Frontier David A. McIntee
+ St Anthony's Fire Mark Gatiss
- Falls the Shadow Daniel O'Mahony
- Parasite Jim Mortimore
- Warlock Andrew Cartmel
- Set Piece Kate Orman
- Infinite Requiem Daniel Blythe
- Sanctuary David A. McIntee
+ Human Nature Paul Cornell
+ Original Sin Andy Lane
- Sky Pirates! Dave Stone
- Zamper Gareth Roberts
- Toy Soldiers Paul Leonard
+ Head Games Steve Lyons
+ The Also People Ben Aaronovitch
+ Shakedown Terrance Dicks
+ Just War Lance Parkin
+ Warchild Andrew Cartmel
+ Sleepy Kate Orman
+ Death and Diplomacy Dave Stone
+ Happy Endings Paul Cornell
+ Godengine Craig Hinton
+ Christmas on a Rational Planet Lawrence Miles
+ Return of the Living Dad Kate Orman
The Death of Art Simon Bucher-Jones
- Damaged Goods Russell T. Davies
- So Vile A Sin Kate Orman
+ Bad Therapy Matthew Jones
Eternity Weeps Jim Mortimore
The Room With No Doors Kate Orman
+ Lungbarrow Marc Platt
The Dying Days Lance Parkin

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