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BBC 8th Doctor Novels


+ The Eight Doctors Terrance Dicks
+ Vampire Science Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman
+ The Bodysnatchers Mark Morris
Genocide Paul Leonard
+ War of the Daleks John Peel
+ Alien Bodies Lawrence Miles
+ Kursaal Peter Anghelides
+ Option Lock Justin Richards
+ Longest Day Mike Collier
+ Legacy of the Daleks John Peel
+ Dreamstone Moon Paul Leonard
+ Seeing I Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman
+ Placebo Effect Gary Russell
+ Vanderdeken's Children Christopher Bulis
+ The Scarlet Empress Paul Magrs
+ The Janus Conjunction Trevor Baxendale
+ Beltempest Jim Mortimore
+ The Face-Eater Simon Messingham
+ The Taint Mike Collier
+ Demontage Justin Richards
+ Revolution Man Paul Leonard
+ Dominion Nick Walters
+ Unnatural History Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman
Autumn Mist David A. McIntee
The Blue Angel Paul Magrs & Jeremy Hoad
The Taking of Planet Five Simon Bucher-Jones & Mark Clapham
+ Frontier Worlds Peter Anghelides
+ Parallel 59 Stephen Cole & Natalie Dallaire
+ The Shadows of Avalon Paul Cornell
+ The Fall of Yquatine Nick Walters
+ Coldheart Trevor Baxendale
+ The Space Age Steve Lyons
The Banquo Legacy Andy Lane & Justin Richards
The Ancestor Cell Peter Anghelides & Stephen Cole
The Burning Justin Richards
Casualties of War Steve Emmersonl
The Turing Test Paul Leonard
Endgame Terrance Dicks
Father Time Lance Parkin

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